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Rose Hollow Design is a stationery and design company offering limited edition art prints and cards with a focus on black ink abstraction. Owner and artist Tanja Konwinski hand draws each design from her Schoharie Valley based studio. Her largest work “Reunion”, measuring 10 x 10ft, can be publicly viewed at Trellis coworking in San Francisco, CA.

Rose Hollow puts an emphasis on designing with re-purposing in mind – such as utilizing a flat printed format to turn cards into elegant pieces of home décor to use year-round. The company has made a plastic free pledge in all its products and packaging, committed to planet over profit at every turn.

From Tanja:

“I started drawing at age 10 and have for the past two decades turned my love for patterns and textures with pen and paper into a dedicated practice. I draw to find relief from the demands and grief of life, an intentional, often private, gift of time spent doing. Doing- without expectation or pressure for a specific result. Doing- in celebration of having the ability to and the life to. Action without fear or hesitation. In turn, the viewer is invited to pause, breathe, and then reengage with life after a reprieve. Meticulous pattern, detail, and design come together to act as an offering to those seeking a respite in something beautiful.

I'm so thrilled to be sharing oodles of new work with you through Rose Hollow Design. If you are interested in originals or other work not featured here, please come for a visit and dig through my archive!”

Photos (L to R) by: Kristopher Johnson Photography, Ashley Versher