Artist Tanja Konwinski in her studio

Rose Hollow Design is a fine art and design company offering limited edition art prints, stationery, and custom installations with a focus on black ink abstraction. Owner and artist Tanja Konwinski hand draws each design from her Schoharie Valley based studio. Her largest work “Reunion”, measuring 10 x 10ft, can be publicly viewed at Trellis coworking in San Francisco, CA.

Rose Hollow puts an emphasis on designing with re-purposing in mind – such as utilizing a flat printed format to turn cards into elegant pieces of home décor to use year-round. The company has made a plastic free pledge in all its products and packaging, committed to planet over profit at every turn.

From Tanja:

“I started drawing at age 10 and have for the past two decades turned my love for patterns and textures with pen and paper into a dedicated practice. I draw to find relief from the demands and grief of life, an intentional, often private, gift of time spent doing. Doing- without expectation or pressure for a specific result. Doing- in celebration of having the ability to and the life to. Action without fear or hesitation. In turn, the viewer is invited to pause, breathe, and then reengage with life after a reprieve. Meticulous pattern, detail, and design come together to act as an offering to those seeking a respite in something beautiful."